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Success Stories: Pennsylvania

Dave and Anne Mayers, New Park, PA
FLL Team 58 (2009-10)

What a great training tool! Last year was our first year in FLL (team members and coaches). While we all learned a great deal, we did not explore the use of sensors that much. This mat has allowed us time in the “off season” to become more familiar with how the different sensors work, and how you can create a much more versatile program, giving you a smarter robot using less programming blocks.

Instead of every mission relying on dead reckoning and perfect starting alignment, the robot can assess the environment and decide which way to go based on the parameters it was given. The best part is that this can be done, without the time pressure associated with an upcoming tournament.

We feel confident that with what we have learned from using this tool, we can build on what we learned last year and have a great second season! Highly recommend it.

Jordan, Kaitlyn, and Nick explore new programming concepts with the RoboMats general challenge mat.