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Success Stories: Socorro, NM

FLL Team 12861 Doubles Funding with Robot Mats

[Gwen's Team is Using our Table Top Mats]

These mats are amazing! The quality is durable. I love that we can easily throw these in the car for a demonstration.

Our team has been invited to the Mountain State Invitational. Today the kids went to the county commissioners meeting to ask for financial support. These mats helped the commissioners see what kids are capable of! The team was able to explain line following and counting in a way the commissioners could understand! We received a round of applause as the robot navigated the different mats.

As we left one of the commissioners came outside to let our team know they doubled our request for money! I accredit the kids for sure, but without the mats we would not have been able to give the visualization!

Thank you so very much! We will be using these mats in after school camps as well!

Coach of team FLL 12861

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