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Success Stories: Florida

Denny Zahrt, Apopka, Florida
HCECF's BRICKschoolers coach
3 FLL teams in 2009 - 96, 105 & 107

The RobotMats are awesome! Order yours NOW. The kids who've used these so far are wondering when we are getting the other two. They are high on the dream big wish list for this season.

This is by far the most effective way we have found to encourage sensor use. These will take a team from a "point and shoot" approach to programming to a more sophisticated sensor based approached.

The rookie team took to the mat well because there are so many straight-forward programming challenges from "follow the line" to "stop on black". The veteran team members were especially excited about refining their turning precision with the use of the compass.

One of the members from our veteran team has amended their advice on what it takes to coach from "kids, legos, a place to meet and snacks" to "kids, legos, training mat, a place to meet and snacks."

As a coach, the Techbrick Robomat is my new favorite "get the kids programming fast" trick.