The Ultimate Training Tool for Popular National Robotics Programs.


We are providing the strategy worksheets for each of our mats, similar to the ones provided by TechBrick each year. In addition, there is a Microsoft Word template for mission development. We are asking those who develop training missions for these mats to record them and email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you purchase any mat you will be notified when new missions have been submitted or you can check back at this page.

A Note About Programming: The curriculum guides outline conceptual missions. Detailed programming steps and robot construction is so well covered on the web that we have only focused on goal-oriented aspects of the missions

Download All Worksheets in a single zip file:
Right click and choose 'save file/link as..."

FREE: Amazing TechBrick Lego Ruler with Stud Counters

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You can download a press ready PDF of the cool TechBrick ruler we've been giving out at tournaments.



  • English and metric scales.
  • LEGO stud counter.
  • Read these special instructions first:
  • You must print this on US Legal Paper
  • (8.5 * 14 inches US)
  • Print it on card stock for best results.
  • Trim carefully at crop marks.
  • Make SURE that Acrobat is set to print at 100% and NOT fit to page or margins.
  • This file can be used for commercial CMYK (4 color) printing or printing on home or office color printers.

Field Work Sheets

These are scaled representations of each mat with inches and metric scales. They are to be use to plan missions.





Missions for Mats

These are provided to get you thinking about the possibilities. The goal is to create series for standard excercizes you can do with each new class of students.  Be create, add objects, barriers, and elements. Make your own challenges.

Generic Work Sheet

Generic template in MS Word for you to make your own curriculum sheets.


General Practice Mat

Lines and Grids

Counting and Targets

Country City Story Mat

Competition Mat

Basic Grids

Table Top 28" Mats

Light Sensor Mania


There are so many great programming resources available. Below are some of the best. Looking for something? Search on GOOGLE.

General Resources 
Staggering amount of free resources on programming. 
Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Curriculum: The Best

This site has a limitless set of bot and programs. It is the best place to start.
Another site with amazing tutorials and resources.
From Carnegie Mellon, the leader in NXT education.


Mindstorms Official How to Program Page

EV3 tutorials: By students, for students

EV3 Lessons from the Seshan Brothers


One of the key ways to excel in FLL competitions is to look for rare or custom parts.

These are some of best resources:

FieldKitsPrevious Field Kits

You can find complete field kits for previous FLL challenges at the three parts sites listed above. Just search for the name of the challenge. See the image to right for an example.

The FLL Tournament Scoring Site has a concise list of the challenges with descriptions.

Searching for Answers

You can find a bewildering range of solutions on google. Here are some examples:

Challenge Resources

TechBrick has resources for each year's challenge:

Current Year:

Previous Years:


Why wait for your competition mat each year to begin to train your rookies or build the skills of your current team members? You can start today with our universal training mats. They provide every scenario required to teach all the fundamentals of EV3/NXT/RCX programming and similar robotics systems. You can use this for FIRST LEGO League (FLL), VEX, FIRST TECH CHALLENGE (FTC), Wonder Workshop (dash and dot), Bee-Bots, and any other programmable robot system.