The Ultimate Training Tool for Popular National Robotics Programs.

Improve Programming and Strategy Skills

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Why wait for your competition mat each year to begin to train your rookies or build the skills of your current team members? You can start today with our universal training mats. They provide every scenario required to teach all the fundamentals of EV3/NXT/RCX programming and similar robotics systems. You can use this for FIRST LEGO League (FLL), VEX, FIRST TECH CHALLENGE (FTC), and any other programmable robot system.

BE SURE TO REVIEW ALL THREE MATS! General Skills Mat, Line Following Mat, and Counting and Targets Mat, and the NEW convenient Table Top MatsTop Mats, AND the NEW City/Country Story mat AND the NEW Competition Mat!

Each mat is the same size as a FIRST LEGO League mat and contains features designed specifically to build programming skills and strategy expertise. Use them to design your own missions and exercises. Add structures and barriers. Have fun.

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NEW! Set of three table top mats sized at 28 inches square for easy use on tables and the floor. Covers basic programming and sensor skills. Click here to learn more!

Mat TableSize Combo

NEW! FTC/VEX Style Competion Mat. Click here to learn more!

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